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March 7th, 2012

EP: The Quarry – We, The Disease

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The Quarry
We, The Disease
20 February 2012

by Tom Doyle

With a name like The Quarry, we all hoped that this London quartet would sound like ‘Gravel Pit’-era Wu Tang Clan. Sadly for RZA fans everywhere, there is precious little similarity to be found, but fortunately for lovers of harmonised guitar parts, moshing and denim vests, We, The Disease is a powerful statement of intent for a band with a penchant for cutting the crap and focussing down on what makes people want to smash empty cans of Stella Artois into their foreheads.

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The riffing style, shuffling two step friendly breakdowns and raw vocal delivery bring to mind Glaswegian quintet Azriel (a band sadly overlooked when the mainstream came calling for Bring Me The Horizon and Architects) and if you haven’t started pretending to ride an invisible motorbike at least once during the records duration you might want to check you still have a pulse. It’s pumped up testosterone fuelled stuff, the Municipal Waste-esque pinch harmonics married to solos which occasionally bring to mind Waking The Fallen-era Avenged Sevenfold to blistering effect.

To put it simply, in these four tracks The Quarry have glued together the styles of a whole bunch of really ace bands – as well as all of the aforementioned there are dashes of Unearth in the mix and the whole brew is held together with the undying “fuck you” spirit of Metallica circa 1983. Even better, you get the sense that The Quarry aren’t taking themselves too seriously as evinced by the the delicious lyrical Dio-isms of ‘Demonsword’.

It ain’t particularly clever and it ain’t the biggest record you’ll hear all year (there’s a raw demo vibe throughout) but if you want some ripping melodic metal fun from home grown talent then you could do a lot worse than this. It’s all finished in a little over 20 minutes, but just like Ol’ Dirty said – it’ll fuck yo’ ass up.


Sounds Like: Azriel, Unearth
Standout Track: Demonsword



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