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March 26th, 2012

Mayhem’s Euronymous to get immortalised on the tail of a Norwegian airliner?

Euronymous On A Plane Thrash Hits

Oh internet. Sometimes you get up to some japes, don’t you? Norwegian Airlines are running a ballot where the public can vote on which famous Norwegian they’d like to see painted on the tail fin of one of the airline’s jumbo jets. And the internet, collectively possessing what is in effect the psyche of  14 year-old boy, has managed to get the murdered former Mayhem gutiarist, Øystein Aarseth (aka Euronymous) into the top spots of the poll.

Although it’s unlikely that Aarseth will win the poll, part of us here at Thrash Hits hopes he will as it would no doubt irritate the almighty fuck out of Aarseth’s racist, anti-semetic murderer, Varg Vikernes. Sadly, as the vile, legacy-obsessed nutjob Vikernes doesn’t really leave his farm in the middle of nowhere very often, let alone flies to countries outside of Norway, there’s next to no chance that he’d end up having to fly in any Aarseth-embossed plane, but we’re still crossing our fingers that the infinitesimal cosmic probabilities required for such a thing to happen do somehow manage to align.

**UPDATE** As several of you have emailed to tell us, Aarseth has since moved into the number 1 spot in the poll. Wowsers.

At the time of writing, the number one spot is still being held by Trond André Bolle, a deceased member of Marinejegerkommandoen, aka the Norwegian Naval Special Forces. Bolle died in Afghanistan two years ago, and was posthumously awarded the War Cross (Norway’s highest military decoration for gallantry) for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.

(Shout out to The Quietus for being the source where we first picked up on this)



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