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March 9th, 2012

Heavy Metal on Take Me Out? Renny Carroll from Forever Never does dating

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Take Me Out is quite funny, isn’t it. It’s got him from Phoenix Nights being northern and funny with his catchphrases and whatnot. It’s got 30 pretty girls in a line who dance and whoop and choose whether they wish to procreate with a man whose entrance music could define his life.

At 8pm this Saturday, 10 March 2012, that man will be a bona fide heavy metaller. Renny Carroll from Essex metallers, Forever Never.

They played Download Festival 2009, where Raz interviewed Renny in the blazing sun and ended up talking about tofu for too long. Anyway. Here’s a photo of Renny looking cool in a nice jacket.

renny carroll forever never photo take me out thrash hits

He emailed him about all of this and among other things, he said:
“You are going to massively rip me, aren’t you.”

No, Renny, we’re not. We’re actually feeling a weird little bit of pride and excitement at seeing you on national TV, our heavy metal brother. High five!

Here’s the video interview from Download Festival 2009 with Renny Carroll of Forever Never. Let’s hope some of the girls on Take Me Out like tofu as much as he does. He’s a lovely man. Will he get a date though? WILL HE?!?

“Let the heavy… See the metal.”

What’s Renny’s intro music going to be? Something by Slayer? Maybe ‘Bleed’ Meshuggah? We’re picturing seven minutes of Renny headbanging in front of the girls as the lights go off one by one. Or maybe it’s going to be something altogether NOT metal. Ooh.

Tune in to ITV1 at 8pm Saturday, 10 March 2012 to watch Renny Carroll on Take Me Out and see if he gets to go on a date to some fancy island. Fancy. METAL.



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