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March 22nd, 2012

Help The Armed to keep recording and therefore continue to be awesome

The Armed 2 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

If you’ve been reading Thrash Hits for any length of time now, you’ll know we’ve got a lot of time for The Armed. In case you’re new to these parts, The Armed are DIY-as-fuck, Detroit-based, DEP-associated badasses, who put out all of their releases for free download. Well, DIY is all good, and giving away ALL your music for free is even better, but it doesn’t exactly pay the bills when it comes to recording new material. Which is why The Armed need your help.

The Armed have got some BIG plans for their next release (they’ve told us a few scant details, but asked us to keep quiet on it until everything’s 100% confirmed), so they need to raise a little capital. That’s why they’re putting out a limited-edition CD collection of all their material to date (their debut album, These Are Lights, their Common Enemies and Young & Beautiful EPs, and their hard-to-find “Christmas Single”, ‘Shiver’, which features vocals from none other than The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Jeff Tuttle), which they’re bundling in with an even-more-limited edition shirt. For the measly price of just $20. Or £12.65 (thanks, in real money.

The Armed USA USA USA Thrash Hits

Given the consistently high praise we’ve given ALL the releases on this compilation (here’s a 5.5 for Common Enemies, and a full 6-out-of-6 for Young & Beautiful) coupled with the fact that we’re constantly trying to one-up our friends in the Wearing Super Limited Edition T-Shirt By Bands Too Cool For You To Have Even Heard Of game, we’d be fools not to urge you to chick money at The Armed sharpish. Also: we want new material from The Armed as soon as fucking possible.

Watch the video to ‘Liar’ by The Armed:




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