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March 6th, 2012

Kvelertak, Crowbar, and Electric Wizard among the 11 new names announced by Sonisphere Festival for Knebworth

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Sonisphere Festival have confirmed 11 new bands for their Knebworth bill this July. Heading up this new announcement are Kvelertak, Crowbar, and Electric Wizard, and along with the rest of the new additions to the line-up, brings the total number of bands announced for Sonsphere UK this Summer up to a total of 34.

The other names confirmed to be playing across Sonisphere come July are Skindred, Glassjaw (performing their second album, Worship & Tribute, in full), Hundred Reasons (who’ll be performing their breakthrough album, Ideas Above Our Station, in full) Black Stone Cherry, New Model Army, Alestorm, Seether and The Getaway Plan.

One of the more interesting things about this line-up announcement is the album-playback stipulations surrounding the bookings of both Glassjaw and Hundred Reasons. It now means there will be at least three bands performing specific albums in their entirety at Sonisphere 2012 (with Mastodon’s previously-announced performance of The Hunter being the third). Is this “a thing” now? We can kind of get behind the idea of Hundred Reasons playing just Ideas Above Out Station because…well…who’d want to hear anything else from them? Glassjaw on the other hand…given that their fanbase is in a near-permanent state of butt-hurt over the band’s repeated gig cancellations (due to Daryl Palumbo’s Crohn’s disease), coupled with the band’s less-than-well-received “experimental” (ahem) sets at Reading & Leeds Festivals last year, we hope they’ll have time in the set to throw in at least a tune or two off their (argubaly superior debut, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence 

Remind yourself why you like Hundred Reasons:

The presence of Kvelertak, Crowbar, and Electric in the bill should appease some of the more vocal critics of the festival’s previously announced line-up (many of whom were berating it for “not being metal enough”), but knowing the internet habits of British metal fans, we’re pretty sure that we’re never more than two clicks away from reading yet another avalanche of Facebook complaints about how a festival hasn’t booked everyone’s personally idealised festival line-up. Ironically, it’s probably only the goths who’ll be complaining the least, as after buying their tickets solely on the back of Fields Of The Nephilim being announced a few weeks back, they’re getting New Model Army thrown in as well.

And yes, if you’re thinking that our bitterness at having to type out festival line-up announcement news pieces is starting to boil over into our opinions of everything else festival-related, then you’d be right. Latitude Festival made their first line-up announcement tonight, and look how many bloody bands they announced. You can bet your bottom-dollar that if we’d started a blog about twee, cardigan-wearing indie music four years ago, we wouldn’t have had to write so many of these pointless missives, coming up with new and increasingly limp-excuses at sounding excited that a festival promoter somewhere has given their festival’s PR director the go-ahead to inform one of said festival’s sanctioned media outlets that they can announce X number of bands on date Y. We bet Download or Bloodstock or someone else announces some more bands by the end of the week, and we’ll have to go through the whole charade yet again. THANKS EVERYONE.

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Weekend and Day Tickets for the UK leg of Sonisphere Festival 2012 are on sale now over on the official Sonisphere Festival website. Prices for Weekend Tickets start at £145 without camping, with a limited-number of Day Tickets on sale for £75 (and note that all prices are quoted without the usual fees). Once again, the festival is taking place in the grounds of Knebworth Park, and this year falls over the weekend of 06-08 July 2012.


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