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March 9th, 2012

Photos: Norma Jean + The Chariot @ London Camden Underworld – 03 March 2012

Norma Jean 2010 promo photo Thrash Hits

Usually when a someone quits a band, more often than not they do so not on the best of terms with their former bandmates. Obviously there are exceptions to this (after all, sometimes people just want to quit the music business altogether to spend time with their family), but if someone quits to start another band…well…you only have to look at Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser to see that things do not normally end well in these situations.

Not so Josh Scogin and the guys in Norma Jean though. Not only does Scogin still get on with his former bandmates (well, the handful of them who are in Norma Jean’s current touring line-up), but they get on well enough for Norma Jean to bring The Chariot, the band Scogin quit NJ to form, out on their European tour with them. Awww. Isn’t friendship a wonderful thing?

Seeing that Ben Gibson, our London-based snapper, is a massive fan of The Chariot, it’s really not surprising that both he and his camera were on hand to document the whole she-bang when it came to London last weekend. Judging by his photos, the action wasn’t limited to just the stage either….it seems The Chariot didn’t even stick to playing their show in the same room at times….


Norma Jean @ London Camden Underworld - 03 March 2012 c/o Ben Gibson

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Norma Jean are currently pretty much slap-bang in the middle of their European tour, so if you happen to live near any of their impending continental dates, you’ve still got a chance to catch both them and The Chariot messing up a dirty and dingy basement near you. Check the dates below and see if you’re in luck.

Norma Jean European Tour 2012 Thrash Hits


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