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March 28th, 2012

Sonisphere Festival 2012 heavily rumoured to be cancelled

Sonisphere Festival 2012 poster 06 March 2012 500px Thrash Hits

The word on the internet grapevine is that Sonisphere Festival 2012 has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Yes, this sucks. We love Sonisphere a lot and we love it in the present tense.

We’ve had a few confirmations from people linked to the festival but there’s no official word from the festival promoters, Kilimanjaro as of yet. We understand that an official statement will be made tomorrow, so hold tight.

Obviously, there are a lot of bands affected as well, bands who might not want to work with Sonisphere again after this. Fingers crossed this doesn’t spell the end of a great major metal promoter but it’s not looking good.

We’ve got a full analysis of the reasons behind the cancellation written and prepped, but the article’s on a laptop. A laptop that isn’t connected to the internet. Hail The Cloud.


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