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March 27th, 2012

Top 6: Diamond Plate on Edible Tour Necessities

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Do you know how ideas become clichés? It’s because at some point, people far and wide found them to carry enough recognisable truth that they became hackneyed concepts. Do you know why American bands always used to rag on how bad food in the UK is? That’s because it was – and indeed, in some places, still is – uniformly awful. Which is why when we asked the guys in Diamond Plate to give us a Top 6 during their recent run of shows here in the UK, all they could think about was the sneaky tricks they’ve learnt when it comes to making cheap tour grub that can sustain them when they’re on the road.

(As an aside, thanks to this interview, we found out that orange squash apparently doesn’t exist in the USA? How can that be true? Ridiculous).

1) Tang
“Orange drink mix; all the vitamin C and good taste you need on tour. We have a strict “No Tang Left Behind” policy in our band.”

2) Nutella
“Self-explanatory and an absolute necessity.”

3) Friday Night Pasta Night
“Brand name pasta, marinara sauce, and a loaf of bread. Feeds five really hungry people for about $7.00.”

Diamond Plate dreaming of food at Hammerfest 2012 (with apologies to Gary Wolstenholme)

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4) “The Simi Valley”
“Peanut butter, jam, Nutella, and trail mix all together on toasted bread. Trail mix must contain chocolate. Created in Simi Valley, California.”

5) Tuna Chicken BBQ Sandwich
“Tuna or chicken out of a can, BBQ sauce, and bread. Enough protein to last you a whole day or two.”

6) “The St. Paul”
“Get some tomato basil soup, some ramen noodles, some hot sauce, and mix it all together. “Bartledoo scooter.” Created in St. Paul, Minnesota.”

Diamond Plate’s debut full-length album, Generation Why?, is out now on Earache Records. The band are currently getting ready for a US tour in support of Overkill – go check out their Facebook page for more details. We apologise profusely to Gary Wolstenholme for abusing his photos of the band at Hammerfest IV – The Hammer of Thor, in order to spruce up our interview.


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