Thrash Hits

March 8th, 2012

Vice continues ‘No Sleep Till…’ by following The Bronx into a sauna.

Vice Vans No Sleep Till The Bronx Thrash Hits

This afternoon we would like you to ask yourself just one question – what could you possibly be doing that is so important that you can’t take ten minutes out of your life to watch Vice’s film of The Bronx sweating themselves silly in a Swedish sauna, throwing caution to the wind and frolicking in the freezing Baltic, and then playing some music for some rabidly enthusiastic Scandinavians?

Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Vice have produced No Sleep Till… in association with Vans, because it’s always a good idea to get a skate-shoe manufacturer to underwrite your video shennanigans if you can convince them it’s good for the brand. New episodes of the series posted every week for the rest of the month, with next week’s being centred around Liverpool’s SSS being broadcast on 15 March, and the fourth and final episode featuring the guys in Trash Talk airing on 22 March. For more info, point your eyes over in the direction VICE’s Music Specials section.



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