Thrash Hits

March 2nd, 2012

Vice kicks off new web series, ‘No Sleep Till…’ by following Cerebral Ballzy to Russia

Vice Vans No Sleep Till Cerebral Ballzy Thrash Hits

It’s Friday afternoon. You’re not doing any work. As soon as your boss leaves the room, you’re dicking about on the internet, sending flirty and suggestive emails to the girl in accounts, and generally doing anything and everything you can think of that isn’t actually the job you’re supposed to be doing. We know this because you’re reading our website right now, and unless you have the super-cool kind of occupation where slacking and reading Thrash Hits is part of your job description, well, you’re probably skiving off something to read this.

So why not make better use of your skiving and watch the first episode of Vice’s ‘No Sleep Til…’ series, where they follow Cerebral Ballzy to Moscow?

Vice have produced this series in association with Vans, which we guess means that the trainer-makers shelled out some cash to pay for these videos or something like that. There are going to be new episodes of the series posted every week for the next month, with The Bronx’s episode showing 08 March, Liverpool’s SSS appearing on 15 March, and the fourth and final episode featuring hi-jinks with Trash Talk airing on 22 March. For more info, point your lazy, skiving web browser over at VICE’s Music Specials section.



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