Thrash Hits

March 22nd, 2012

Vice’s ‘No Sleep Till…’ series comes to a close with Trash Talk risking life and limb on frozen roads and skateboarding. Obviously.

Vice’s No Sleep Till… documentary series comes to an end today, with the final instalment focussing on one of California’s finest international punk exports of the last five years: Trash Talk. Vice follow the band as they support Every Time I Die on their last UK tour, which obvious means a) carnage, and b) destruction, and c) skateboarding.

Vice produced No Sleep Till… in association with Vans, because, hey, making international jet-setting videos where you follow bands all over Europe doesn’t come cheap. The three other episodes in the series feature Cerebral Ballzy on tour in Russia, The Bronx living it up in a Swedish sauna, and SSS on a roadtrip from Liverpool to Hard Rock Hell. For more info on these – and indeed all of Vice’s music shows – go point your eyes over in the direction VICE’s Music Specials section.



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