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April 4th, 2012

Album: Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast

Municipal Waste
The Fatal Feast
Nuclear Blast
13 April 2012

by Tom Dare

Municipal Waste are an odd band to try and review. There should probably be a media-wide agreement not to say a word about their records until we’ve lived with them for six months, as that’s the only point you can really make a conclusive judgement on them – not because they’re unusually complex, but because they can have a rather short shelf-life. But as that hasn’t happened and you lot won’t give a toss what we say in six months time, here goes.

Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Unsurprisingly, there’s been no stylistic departure to speak of. The Fatal Feast is a Municipal Waste album, pure and simple. Stomping, punky party thrash that’s gets in, steals all your beer, downs the lot, then kicks the fuck out of the zombie trying to break through your front door and pisses off before it outstays its welcome. It’s been a very successful formula for the neon green mob, and they’re smart enough not to try and fix something that ain’t broke.

They still do it bloody well too. ‘Covered In Sick-The Barfer‘ (yeah, they’re singing about booze again) and ‘Authority Complex‘ marches like Anthrax after too much beer, ‘Standards And Practices‘ rages like you’ve got its sister drunk and given her an STI and…yeah, that’s about as varied as they get.

Now, there are broadly two ways of looking at Municipal Waste, and they haven’t changed here. One is that their albums are pretty superficial, don’t live long in the memory and have a limited appeal. The other is that approaching Municipal Waste with a sober brain and coherent observation is utterly pointless – it’s party thrash, so shut the fuck up and enjoy it. Both of these have a fair amount of validity, and whichever one you hold – or whatever shade of grey between them you think – isn’t likely to be changed by The Fatal Feast.

Yes, it’s shallow, and we’re probably going to forget about it by the time the year’s end comes around – especially given thrash greats like Overkill, Testament, and Kreator all having new albums out already or in the very near future. It’s also tremendous fun, and it isn’t like Municipal Waste got you legless and forced you to buy their album under threat of murder by the undead. You pays your money, you takes your choice.

Watch the video to ‘The Fatal Video’ by Municipal Waste here:

If you do, you’ll have a great time with their latest album – when the Waste come touring and play these songs, you’ll be banging your head against the stage until you’e left with just a neck stump and a fistful of shattered skull fragments. It’s proper carnage-inducing metallic party music with precisely the right balance between affection for the bands they’re obviously inspired by and knowing humour.

And thank fuck there are still bands like this, who can write songs with a sense of humour rather than a band trying to cover up their bollocks songs with the excuse that “hey, it’s fun!”. This is further proof that good music and being funny aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.


Sounds like: Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, beer, frat parties, more beer
Stand-out tracks:
Repossession, Covered In Sick-The Barfer, Jesus Freaks



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