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April 15th, 2012

Amplifier part ways with bassist, Neil Mahony

Amplifier Forever October band promo photo under water 2011 thrash hits

Manchester trio, Amplifier have announced the departure of bassist and founding member, Neil Mahony via an official statement:

“His real strength lies in his ability to generate great clouds of effects soundscapes, especially when improvising, through his bespoke and esoteric collection of pedals that we all built up together over the years.”

There is currently no change to their live commitments at this stage so we can only assume that a replacement is in the wings and that he/she will be just as great a bassist. Amplifier’s European tour with Anathema is due to start in Poland on 21 April 2012, ending at the London Koko on 03 May 2012.

6 Things Thrash Hits love about Amplifier:

1) The band’s excellent third album, The Octopus, which we awarded full marks, 6/6 to and ranked 5th in our Top 20 Albums of 2011. Believe it or not, that’s quite the accolade. It’s a great album. Read the review:

amplifier octopus 2011 album artwork thrash hits

2) Their stunning, psychedelic, self-title grunge debut album, Amplifier, released on now defunct but very awesome label, Music For Nations. If the stunning opening duo of ‘Motorhead’ and ‘Airborne’ weren’t enough to get you hooked, you must like crap music.

3) That trippy video for ‘The Wave’. It’s like a seven-minute Magic Eye with a hundred Rorschach tests thrown in for good measure. Luckily, the song is fucking brilliant as well. It’s worth going full-screen on this video…

4) 2011’s ‘The Fractal EP’, which was wholly improvised in the studio and released “raw and uncorrected”. It showcased the band in their most naked state. There was no dressing up of their talents because it was unnecessary – they’re just that good at jamming wicked tunes. Have a listen and you’ll probably want to buy it.

5) Their DIY aesthetic. After getting fucked over and sidelined by both Music For Nations on their debut album and then SPV for their second album, Amplifier released The Octopus completely independently. Frontman, Sel Balamir managed the band as well as writing, recording and producing all the music and dealing with selling and posting out thousands of copies of the album. The hard work has paid off, however, and Amplifier have found a way of being truly sustainable. They’re a fine example as to how hard a band should work.

6) The greatest meat-based nativity scene ever. It takes a collection of true creative minds to come up with this.

amplifier meat nativity thrash hits

A 3-CD version of The Octopus Special Edition 2.0 is now available from Amplifier’s official website Go and buy it.



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