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April 30th, 2012

Future Hits 119: With One Last Breath

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With One Last Breath
From: York, UK
Lazy equation: (Glamour Of The Kill x Asking Alexandria) – $$$
URL: Facebook // Big Cartel // Twitter

Thrash Hits verdict: People often claim that we’re elitist dickbags here at Thrash Hits. That’s kind of true – after all, life’s too short to listen to average music, let alone bad music. If being “elitish dickbags” means we listen to less bad and average music, so much the better. However, we are trying to cover all sides of the heavy music spectrum here at Thrash Hits, so when someone dropped us an email about rising UK metalcore types, With One Last Breath, we took it upon ourselves to look past their range of youthful fringes and colourful t-shirt collections and actually listen to their music. And you know what? Even us elitist dickbags need to lighten up every now and again.

Describe your sound in three words.
Melodic. Brutal. Loud.

How did you meet?
Sam Graves [vocals/guitar], Joe Graves [guitar] and Chris Bowling [drums] have been in previous bands for quite a few years. We recruited Joe Lancaster as soon as our old bass player announced that he would be leaving the band, and continued to play shows as much as possible. When we decided to beef our sound up we auditioned for screamers and Spencer [Costello] was by far the best person. We knew him from other local bands growing up and we knew instantly he was the man that could front our band and take us where we want to be.

Where did you grow up? How do you think it’s affected your music?
We all consider York as our hometown show. Living in York and trying to go places in a band is different to other places. York is a tough city to tackle, because only your friends will come and see you. It’s probably not affected our music too much though, if I’m honest.

Watch the video to ‘After The Suffering’ by With One Last Breath:

Where did the name come from?
When we started this band we had concentrated more on writing good songs and playing them well live. We got ourselves into a situation where we had a strong set for a new band but never even considered naming ourselves. We booked our very first show with Bury Tomorrow in York and thought, “SHIT….we need a name!” We had ridiculous song names but ‘With One Last Breath’ was the one we said “Ok, we will be called this for one show only”. Four years later, 250+ shows later, and now were stuck with it haha. We like the name a lot, but we’re sick of magazines and promoters calling us ‘One Last Breath’….

What are your non-musical influences?
Coffee. XBox.

So far, what’s been the best thing about being in a band?
The best thing about being in a band is the fans. The people that come to our shows over and over again and pay for their ticket, buy our merch and keep up to date with us online… we will never stop being grateful. They are the ones that keep us going; they are the ones that make us feel that what we are doing is worth the effort.

With whom would your dream tour/support slot be with?
It’s gonna be different for every member as our influences are different. As a whole though, I’m going to say Slipknot. We all love Slipknot….who doesn’t!? Their live show and massive sound will be known forever. Spencer loves them too!

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers? Why?
Bands we should probably be associated with I’d say would be Of Mice & Men, Attack Attack!, The Devil Wears Prada….we do love that American-style with breakdowns, riffs, singing, screaming….

I’m also going to say Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine though. Our Lead guitarist, Joe, can really shred,and we’re not scared to bring back guitar solos. Why not? It’s different right now for upcoming bands.

What marks you out as different to other bands at the moment?
Everything – if I can get away with saying that? Ha ha! We’re not tied down to any specific genre. We are putting together a sound that is filled with epic parts, brutal breakdowns, solos, singing, screaming, riffing, and guitar harmonies. We put out all this with what we consider to be a strong stage show too.

What’s been the best and the funniest live shows you’ve played to date?
The funniest one is on the last date of the Asking Alexandria UK Tour with Blessthefall and Chelsea Grin. We got iced badly. We started the last song and after 20 seconds all the sound was cut. All of Asking Alexandria’s crew were at the side of the stage, shouting at us to get offstage, and I absolutely shit myself thinking everyone was pissed off at us. Turns out it was a prank and when we all turned back to the crowd they had planted Smirnoff Ice’s across the stage and we had to get down on one knee and down them. So funny!

Name one other band that people should hear about but probably haven’t.
Shot Down Stay Down.

Tell us a joke.
My mate asked me what ring tone I have.

I said ‘Y’know, I’ve never checked… but probably a light brown’.


With One Last Breath have an eponymous EP out now, which is available to buy via iTunes. We’re sure you can find it on other download stores too. The band are currently touring the UK in support of Of Mice & Men and Bury Tomorrow – check out their tour dates down below. Later this year they’ll also be supporting Skindred at their Kerrang! Awards show at the Highbury Relentless Garage in London, as well as playing on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage at this year’s Download Festival.

With One Last Breath UK tour dates
30 Coventry Kasbah (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
01 Bristol Fleece (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
02 Plymouth White Rabbit (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
03 London Camden Underworld (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
04 Reading Sub89 (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
05 Southampton Joiners (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
25 Brighton Haunt (supporting OM&M and Bury Tomorrow)
05 London Relentless Garage (supporting Skindred)
08 Download Festival – Jagermesiter Stage (acoustic performance)
10 Download Festival – Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage
04 Liverpool O2 Academy (supporting Yashin)
21 Manchester Summerjam Festival
04 Swindon Furnace (Supporting We Are The Ocean)
11 Telford ScreamFest


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