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April 19th, 2012

Photos: Your Demise, Trapped Under Ice + Basement @ Sheffield Corporation – 12 April 2012

Your Demise 2012 promo photo Thrash Hits

Your Demise released their fourth studio album last month, and so obviously they’re out on the road, playing shows in support of it. That’s just what bands do, right? Around the time they released the album in question The Golden Age, a load of kids in New Era caps got butthurt on Tumblr because Your Demise had sold out or something. I guess these fans didn’t really number all that many though, as from what we could tell, these shows were selling out too (but in the good way).

Your Demise also brought Trapped Under Ice, and the just-scraped-into-the-Thrash-Hits-Best-Albums-of-2011-list Basement along in support. Since our man Gary Wolstenholme does photos and that, we made sure he was on hand when the whole touring shebang rolled into Sheffield. Go on – look at his pictures. If you’re one of the Tumblr butthurted, we especially urge you to go look at his pictures and despair that they look much better than the shitty instagram photos you took of that band you still like playing in front of 8 people last night.



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