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April 7th, 2012

So Kerouac have announced they’re splitting up. Which sucks.

Kerouac 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

On Thursday, just when we were gearing up for a four day weekend of sitting in the park and drinking cider, Kerouac decided to announce that they were splitting up. While this news is terrible, we’re kinda glad we didn’t hear it 48 hours ago, as the feelings of sadness and disappointment this news has brought about in us would surely have soured the whole of our Easter holiday, rather than just half of it.

Thankfully, however, the band have given us a sole ray of sunshine to get us out of this black mood, by confirming one final London show before they finally call it quits.

Anyway, here’s the statement the band posted over on their official Facebook page:

After being a band for three years, and following a lot of thinking, we have decided to lay this to rest. Life caught up with us. I imagine you’ll hear from us in other projects in the future but for Kerouac, we’ve taken it as far as we can. We’re just four best friends that started jamming in a bedroom and never expected to do as much as you’ve allowed us to.

We’re doing one last show at The Old Blue Last, London on Saturday 7th July, it’s Free. The line up will be made up of best friends and we’ll be giving these songs the best send off possible. We’ll let you know how you can attend in due time.

Tangled Talk and Holy Roar will be releasing a Discography 12″ this summer, we’re putting together artwork right now but we assure you it will be special.

Thankyou for everything, it’s meant the world.

The band also posted a lengthy statement over on their official Tumblr page, where they’ve thanked a whole bunch of people who’ve helped them along the way these last three years. Thanks for giving us a nod, guys – we’re going to miss you when you’re gone.

Still, as we mentioned above, we are going to get one last chance to see Kerouac play live. Pink Mist are putting on the band’s final UK show at The Old Blue Last in London on 07 July 2012. The support acts have yet to be announced, but seeing as a) this is Kerouac’s final show, and b) it’s a free show anyway, it’s not like that’s much of a dealbreaker. We’ll be there, and if you’ve got even an ounce of sense (and taste), you will be too.

Kerouac Final Show at the Old Blue Last Thrash Hits

What is it with decent UK bands breaking up at the moment? Within the last few weeks, Lavotchkin, Cyvoid and The Plight have all called it a day (even if in the case of The Plight, it wasn’t really that much of a surprise). Now Kerouac have . Can everyone, y’know, stop splitting up – at least until the Autumn, when we’ll be hitting a post-festival downer anyway? Thanks.



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