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April 1st, 2012

Sunday Slaylist: Sonisphere 2012 – What Might’ve Been

Queen Brian May Adam Lambert CANCELLED Thrash Hits

There’s not denying it – for UK rock fans, the cancellation of Sonisphere 2012 was the biggest news story this week. Unless something incredibly dramatic happens later this year, we’d put good money on it being one of – if not the – biggest news story of the entire year. It’s because it’s such a momentous news event that we’re dedicating this week’s Sunday Slaylist to the acts that were supposed to be performing at Knebworth this Summer…only with an extra little twist….

Now while every act that on this week’s Slaylist was also booked for this year’s Sonisphere, we’ve snuck in an additional theme to tie it all together. The first person to correctly guess what the connection is wins whatever we dig out from down the back of the Thrash Hits communal sofa.

Listen to our Sunday Slaylist: Sonisphere 2012 – What Might’ve Been

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Watch what we got up to at Sonisphere 2011:

If you’ve been able to guess what the connection is between the songs on this week’s Slaylist is, don’t get too full of yourself. It’s hardly difficult to work it out. In fact, there are loads of other songs by the acts on our Slaylist that we could’ve included on this week’s Slaylist that would’ve also fit in with our double-theme. So many in fact, that whoever comes up with the most alternate tracks by those bands that we could’ve used instead of our official picks will win an actual proper prize. It’ll be a CD or a 12″ or a t-shirt or something. We’ll figure out how awesome the prize is based on how awesome your answers are. Fair? Cool.


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