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April 5th, 2012

Vintage Video: Alice In Chains – Nutshell (MTV Unplugged)

Alice In Chains Layne Staley MTV Unplugged Thrash Hits

Ten years ago today, it is generally believed that Layne Staley, frontman with Alice In Chains, died as a result of injecting himself with a mixture of heroin and cocaine. He was juts 34 years old when he died. While Alice In Chains would later reform almost a decade later, it is their early albums with Staley on vocals that placed the band into the hearts of fans around the world. And it’s with one of Staley’s last ever recordings with the band that we’re choosing to remember him by on this, the anniversary of his death.

Alice In Chains’ performance on MTV Unplugged was their first performance as a band after a near three-year hiatus, and would prove to be one of the last they made with Staley. It is widely regarded, alongside Nirvana’s session, as one of the pinnacles reached by MTV Unplugged, and can be found in its entirety on Alice In Chains’ Unpluggedif you haven’t got a copy, we hope this video taken from the recording changes your mind.

*(Yeah, we know there’s a tonne of AIC videos for songs with inappropriate titles given today’s anniversary – ‘We Die Young’ and ‘Man In The Box’ are the most obvious examples – but we decided to stay classy. Because Thrash Hits <3 Alice In Chains. So there.)


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