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April 2nd, 2012

Watch Ancient VVisdom in London and you get Thrash Hits DJs + some new songs

Ancient VVisdom are about to embark upon their first ever UK tour and it’s rolling into London on 18 April 2012 at The Old Blue Last. There are three bits of good news: 1) We’re DJing inbetween and after the bands; 2) You can get your £6.50 (!) tickets here; and 3) AVV intend to release a second album, A Deathlike Inferno in 2012 via Prosthetic Records. Get excited.

ancient vvisdom old blue last london 18 April 2012 thrash hits DJ

Look. We’re even on the poster. If you don’t know what Ancient VVisdom sound like, you’ll do well to sample their evil, acoustic metal via ‘The Opposition’. Watch this video and do not make any comparisons to Black Veil Brides.

Anyway, we know we interviewed the Texans in October, but we caught up very briefly with Ancient VVisdom when they played to about 100 people in a pub in Austin at an almost un-advertised off-piste show at SXSW in March.

It was St Patrick’s Day and guitarist, Michael Jochum was already nine shots of Jameson to the wind so we didn’t talk to him but other guitarist, Ribs and bassist, Trans Am were very excited to be playing London. While this slightly ramshackle gig was played so the music sounded as close to the album as possible – with Trans Am on an acoustic bass and a deer carcass adorning singer, Nathan Opposition’s face for the first song – they promised the London show will be fully electric and less laid back, but probably just as drunk. That sounds good to us.

Once Nathan had finished crushing the remnants of the deer jaw against the concrete floor of The Longbranch Inn, using a machete as custom percussion and slamming some chains against aforementioned concrete floor (they missed our faces by centimetres), we went to buy some merch.

Whilst buying merch… all the merch off Nathan Opposition, we found out that since AVV have signed to the mighty Prosthetic Records recently, they’re planning on releasing a second album before the end of 2012. It will be called A Deathlike Inferno and will be suitably morbid. They have a cool t-shirt with a Mayan temple on it and Nathan explained that seeing as 2012 is an important year, it would be nice to release a collection of apocalyptic songs in this year. It’s a reasonable desire. They should be playing some new songs on this tour.

Seriously, buy tickets. They’re only £7.50 with the booking fee. That’s a bargain. If you buy a ticket and tweet about the gig to @ThrashHits, we might buy you a couple of beers or get you a t-shirt or something. Yeah!



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