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April 10th, 2012

Poll: Which Finch album is the best?

We’ve had this debate every so often for… ever. Which is the best Finch album? Is it the 2002 breakthrough debut, What It Is To Burn or is it 2005’s beginning of the end, Say Hello To Sunshine? That’s the question. They’re your only options.

Obviously, it’s entirely subjective because it’s all down to personal preference and this is only being pointed out so whichever sensible person comes along and says it’s all down to personal preference can STFU and GTFO LOL. But that’s the point of a poll – to find out whose opinion is more correct!


Finch What It Is To Burn album cover artwork thrash hits

Straddling the hardcore/pop-punk divide better than arguably any band had ever done, or indeed has done since, the Californians’ 2002 debut featured GlassJaw’s Daryl Palumbo as a guest on a couple of songs and launched a bona fide classic club hit in ‘Letters To You’. Nate Barcalow’s vocals sound as fresh and angsty today as they did ten years ago. The same goes for Randy Strohmeyer’s punchy, vital riffs.

Basically, after What It Is To Burn was released, it became common to say, “Oh, they just sound like a shit Finch.” They made the kind of mark on the rock scene that all bands strive to do.


Finch Say Hello To Sunshine album cover artwork thrash hits

Eight months after releasing Say Hello To Sunshine, Finch went on an indefinite hiatus that lasted 18 months. This 2005 follow-up album was a markedly darker, more unwieldy affair than their debut. Because people don’t like change, lots of people didn’t like it. These songs were more complex; less throwaway. The blithe delivery of ‘Letters To You’ was replaced by the layer of tangibly seething anger seen in ‘Reduced To Teeth’.

There was unconfirmed talk that this was a concept album referencing Edgar Allan Poe and a bullied teenager, which could both account for the darker feel but this album is still unmistakeably… Finch. It just sounds like them. Despite the line-up and stylistic changes it still had their unique stamp on it. It was a real shame when they split.


So now it’s up to you to decide which Finch album is THE BEST. Once these results are in, the debate will be over. They will be indisputable and some people will be WRONG. Uh oh…

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