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May 29th, 2012

Does this video mean there’s a new tour video from Slipknot on the way? **UPDATED** (No it doesn’t, but Corey Taylor has spoken out)

Slipknot All Hope Is Gone Masks Thrash Hits

Earlier today, Slipknot posted a new video entitled #0 on their official website, with no information other than the cryptic phrase ‘Antennas To Hell’ and the date 17 July 2012. What does this all mean?  **UPDATED** It seems Corey Taylor has stepped in on Twitter and revealed all….

The video in question centres entirely around the band’s DJ, Sid Wilson, which is hardly surprising given that the video’s title matches Wilson’s number in Slipknot: #0. It’s a mixture of live footage and various behind-the-scenes footage of Slipknot’s stagedive-hungry scratcher, and while the video doesn’t feature any new Slipknot music, we’re pretty sure most of this footage is new. The masks we spotted in the video suggest the live shots are from the European and South American shows the band played last year, at least.

Anyway, watch the video and make up your own mind:

Now, we know Slipknot will be touring the USA this summer as headliners of this year’s Mayhem Fest, but beyond that, there’s nothing solid when it comes to the future of Slipknot. Joey Jordison, Shawn Crahan, and Corey Taylor (the three most vocal proponents of the band when it comes to talking to the press) have all issued various conflicting statements with regards to the future of the band ever since the tragic death of Paul Gray, but the inclusion of a date and what’s probably a title of a release in the form of Antennas To Hell leads us to believe that a new Slipknot tour video/live DVD might just be about to get dropped on us a new Slipknot Greatest Hits package is coming out in July.

Corey Taylor let slip with what was happening on July 17 via his official Twitter account:

Corey Taylor Slipknot 9:43pm Thrash Hits

Also, which is of even perhaps even more interest, is that Taylor also confirmed that the band was demoing for a new album – something that up till now the lead singer has avoided committing to, despite the (many) times his drummer, Joey Jordison, has insisted is going ahead to the press. We guess that’s all settled then.

Corey Taylor Twitter 9:47pm Thrash Hits

All we have to say to that is: Yes. Yes, please.



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