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May 31st, 2012

Interview: Cancer Bats – Liam Cormier on being metal, being awesome and Game of Thrones

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Cancer Bats have released one of our favourite albums of 2012 with Dead Set On Living. Cancer Bats did one of the best things we’ve ever seen a band do with The Pentagram Tour. Cancer Bats are awesome so we caught up with songer Liam Cormier to ask him some crap questions about stuff.

You sound at your most pissed off on the new record. What’s been getting under your skin so much?
There are some angry jams mixed in with the posi tracks. Just like life, it’s got its ups and down. I’m just being honest with what I’m writing about.

Cancer Bats have gone slower and dirtier for this album. It’s almost a stoner metal album. What was behind this change? Have you become a stoner now, Liam?
I don’t think we’ve gone slower, really. This new album has the same BPM mix we’ve always had. We like to mix it up with all types of flavours! And as for being stoned, I’m still straight edge.

‘Lucifer’s Rocking Chair’ sounds a bit like Immortal, and ‘Road Sick’ sounds a bit like Melechesh. [It’s a stretch – Ed] Are you secretly trying to introduce black metal to hardcore kids?
‘New World Alliance’ is our black metal banger.

With the increase in metal vibes, is the line between Cancer Bats and Bat Sabbath blurring a bit?
Are you trying to say Scott wasn’t metal before last summer? Shame on you.

What are the plans with Bat Sabbath?
Certain countries need their drunken fix of Sabbath covers. We are not the ones to judge.

Scott tweets about Napalm Death a lot. If he did a grindcore side project, would you do vocals?
Nope I only play drums with other Bats members. Sex Tears, for example.

You’ve been nominated as the Best Breakthrough Band at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods, arguably three years late, but why do you think the UK “gets” Cancer Bats so well?
I don’t think its too late. Took us a lot of hard work to get where we’re at a point of being recognized by a lot of the big dawgs. I’m stoked.

You’ve toured seemingly relentlessly on each album. Do you fear over-exposure at all?
Nah, we try to keep spots on their toes. The earth be a big place.

Music fans can be very averse to any change in style. Do you care if your old fans don’t dig the new album?
Nah, dawg. Cancer Bats fans are down with the new jams. We’ve got the raddest crew world wide!

Cancer Bats Dead Set On Living album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

What would win in a fight, your hair or Scott’s beard?
You’re really asking the deep questions here, eh?

Why do a pentagram of shows when you could have done an inverted cross? Just as metal, less work involved.
You’re always trying to take the easy way out…

Did you have to take out life insurance before booking six shows in one day?
Nah, son. Headbangin’ be our business.

If E=MC² in normal physics, what does E equal in drunken physics?
No heavy math while under the influence.

Game Of Thrones or wrestling?
GOT all the way, dawg! That’s some for real shit.


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