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May 18th, 2012

Interview: Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri on ex-band members, internet haters, and bangover cures.

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When Emmure’s PR emailed us and offered us an interview, we umm-ed and ahhh-ed over whether to take them up on the offer. After all, on the one hand, we had our carefully maintained rep as snobbish internet musical neckbeards to maintain, and interviewing a band like Emmure runs pretty contrary to the conditions of our membership of the No Fun Club. On the other hand, the impish pricks among us couldn’t resist the opportunity to metaphorically poke the bollocks of the band’s often controversial frontman, Frankie Palmeri, in the hope he’d say something controversial.

References to comic book characters and video games have been an Emmure hallmark for some time now, but Slave To The Game is more explicit in doing so than ever before – what prompted this overt shift in direction?
I felt comfortable presenting this sorta theme to the record; more as an aesthetic selling point more than anything. But as far as the references go and such, that is just my way of having fun with the music. It creates new ways for me to tell stories or explain feelings I have.

Watch the video to ‘Protoman’ by Emmure:

When you set about writing and recording Slave To The Game, did you have a specific plan for how you wanted it to turn out?
This record was certainly not the record I personally intended to make. But I think the end result was something we were all proud of. There are alot of things that happened on the record that were premeditated and some that just came together organically. It was surely a mixture of both.

If Emmure could collaborate with one other artist – musical or otherwise – who would it be and why?
I would love to do a song with DJ Lethal, his remixes are so fucking awesome. It would be great to hear his spin on one of our tunes.

What video game achievement are you most proud of having attained?
I have a few shining of them was getting the chance to play [professional gamer and multiple fighting game champion] IFC Yipes during a Marvel vs Capcom 2 Casuals..I almost won..almost being the key word. I impressed a bunch of heads there since I was the new blood in the room. That was easily one of my top gamer moments. Big shout out to IFC Yipes. Dude is a beast.

We already think we’re too old to understand the youth of today, but Emmure seem to have caught the crest of a wave. What is it about Emmure do you think that lets you forge those kinds of connections with younger audiences?
I honestly am not sure how to answer that one. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are honest as performers and people. We are pretty much on the level with everyone we meet no matter what age. We show love and respect to all our fans and I think maybe younger audiences appreciate that kind of sincerity. Since a lot of times they might not feel they are getting treated as equals.

Other bands have a rep for dealing with their internal band troubles out of the public eye, but Emmure have had some very public spats with ex-members recently. What is it about Emmure that makes these things happen?
It has a lot to do with immaturity on the parts of those ex-communicated. At this point I don’t even care to air out all the dirty laundry on said members but they know why they are out of the picture and it’s for good reason. So that pretty much sums it up. If you put the baby in time out you are destined to hear it cry. Ya see where I am going with that?

What is it about Emmure that makes you the band that certain people love to hate on?
I don’t know. I don’t care. I just feel lucky we provoke such feelings in people on a regular basis. Kinda reminds me just how stupid human beings are. They don’t even realize they are feeding the beast they say they despise. Every post. Every bash. Every slander. It has done nothing but push us to the forefront and helped us carry out career even further. It’s truly a blessing that so many morons exist in the world. So a big huge thank you to all you haters out there. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be!

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When we’ve been out drinking and partying all night, we don’t get hangovers, we get bangovers. What’s your best bangover cure?
HAHA. Bangover is something that dude’s in bands like to say when they rocked out to hard. But if you are throwing booze and substances in the mix, well..your best bet is to fucking submit to the through it. Take a hot shower eat a nice meal. And better luck next time.

Will we ever get to hear a full Thanos Reignz album [Palmeri’s on-again off-again dance music side-project]? What are we (currently) missing out on?
So glad you asked. I have a plethora of things in the works. THANOS REIGNZ for now is put on ice. As of right now I need to focus on Emmure as a priority and when the time is right THANOS REIGNZ will emerge from the abyss. It’s going to seriously change the game for every single scene. Hopefully I will get the chance to release something sooner than later.


Emmure’s fifth studio album, Slave To The Game, is out now on Victory Records. Emmure will be returning the UK in June to play Download Festival 2012, so you don’t have too long to wait should you wish to throw down in the pit/floorpunch/engage in whatever else is the current mosh-move du jour to Emmure.



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