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May 23rd, 2012

Live: The Bamboozle Festival @ Asbury Park, NJ – 18-20 May 2012

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It’s nice having a genuine fist-pumping, bridge and tunnel New Jersey boy in our ranks. That Dan Pelic is one of our writers means that we can review things like The Bamboozle Festival with ease. Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi and… Skrillex headline the three-day event and it’s on A BEACH. Cool.

WARNING: Dan’s in a bad mood.

Six things we noticed at the “scene-est” of all music festivals in Asbury Park, NJ

1) The Foo Fighters showed Skrillex how it’s done. The charisma and professionalism emanating from Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Pat Smear, and the “other two guys” made the gimmicky trickery of Skrillex appear shameful. Still, all were forced to make way for the hoards of poorly dressed changelings there the previous night, enlightening us as to how music truly is in a dark time, infected by an instadownloadable, attention deficient culture.

2) Who the same iGeneration idolize and view as “celebrities” is saddening. Trace Cyrus (pictured, below), the high school dropout adopted brother of Miley Cyrus and former guitarist for the ill-fated Metro Station, was posted at a clothing company booth, charging $5 a pop to have photos taken with him. Kids were paying. I wonder if the Bamboozle folks knew this pathetic joker was doing this without a vendor permit?

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3) Comeback Kid are the most underappreciated band of the weekend. With the Harley Davidson Stage dedicated exclusively to cheesy moshcore à la Emmure et Whitechapel, Comeback Kid snuck in under the radar and played to just a couple hundred kids while tens of thousands more were over yonder not-quite-getting The Gaslight Anthem. The flattened the crowd with their freshened up, ultra-melodic brand of hardcore.

4) The Gaslight Anthem are a bit weird about playing the Bamboozle and the Bamboozle is a bit weird about having them there. Before splitting to see Comeback Kid, there was a very awkward vibe during their very average Sunday set. No fault of their own, save for frontman, Brian Fallon, verbally accosting a scantily clad young girl claiming her father saw her on the Jumbotron and wanted to take her home, which warranted some boos from the crowd. It’s a super fake and plastic environment and the only things plastic about this band are what their records are made of. Better off leaving The ’59 Sound at the Stone Pony next door if Skrillex headlined on Friday.

5) The band most deserving of death by stage collapse was Buckcherry. In front of a crowd with an average age of 16, they managed to talk about how awesome their first time doing cocaine was, bleached assholes, waxed vaginas, and “bitches that will fuck their way to the top” and how much they love them. Who booked these D-list rockers and put them on the Main Stage?

Watch Buckcherry be mean to TH Deputy Ed, Hugh @HughDoVoodoo

6) Aside from when Bon Jovi closed out the festival which was VERY cosily “New Jersey”, the legendary Asbury Park was less of a backdrop for the event, and more of a backseat driver to the overwhelmingly underwhelming roster of bands. This event may as well have been in a desert or empty field like every other music festival. If the Bamboozle is going to use Asbury Park, NJ as its venue, the lineup should emulate the rugged charm of the Jersey Shore and have that element at the forefront.

Six things at Bamboozle that stopped us losing our minds
1) Jimmy Eat World
2) The Bouncing Souls
3) Hot Water Music
4) The Receiving End of Sirens reunion
5) Comeback Kid
6) The pulled pork sandwiches (absolutely divine)



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