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May 15th, 2012

Photos: This Is Hell + Feed The Rhino @ London Borderline – 12 May 2012

This Is Hell live at the London Borderline c/o Ben Gibson Thrash Hits

We once joked that one of our photographers, Ben Gibson, took an exorbitant number of shots of band members’ crotches and/or band members engaging in mid-air splits. We only meant it as a bit of light-hearted ribbing, but our boy Ben seems to have taken it to heart, and now sees it as a mark of honour to get as many in-air shots as possible into the photo sets he sends us.

Though possibly a band like This Is Hell almost makes it too easy for him.

In support was the increasingly-bearded tour du force that is Feed The Rhino. We don’t need to tell you that we’re big fans of band indulging in OTT facial hair, particularly when they make music as badass as Feed The Rhino do. The band’s frontman, Lee Tobin, is a shoe-in for Beard Of The Week (should we ever get round to resurrecting that particular column).


There are still a pair of UK dates on This Is Hell current UK tour, so if you live within spitting distance of either of them and share our photographer’s enthusiasm for mid-air splits, get yourselves along to one of them. After that, the band are heading back to the USA, where they’ll be touring pretty heavily until August, when they’ll be back here in the UK for Hevy, Reading, and Leeds Festivals.

This Is Hell 2012 UK tour dates
Manchester Star and Garter
16 Andover The George
Hevy Fest
24 Leeds Festival
26 Reading Festival


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