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May 24th, 2012

Photos: Wet Nuns @ Liverpool Sound City – 18 May 2012

Wet Nuns combo live at Liverpool Sound City c/o Matt Thomas Thrash Hits

Liverpool Sound City is what happens when a load of people get together and decide to host a 3-day music/tech conference in the North of England. Basically – it’s what The Great Escape is to the South, and what In The City used to be for Manchester. It’s pretty damn sweet.

When we heard that one of our previous Future Hits subjects, the sleazily, diesel-powered heay blues duo that is Wet Nuns, were one of the bands playing over the weekend, we shouted at our Liverpool-based snapper, Matt Thomas, to go snap us some photos.


Wet Nuns @ Liverpool Sound City - 18 May 2012 c/o Matt Thomas

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If you want to hear some sordid, dirty blues from Wet Nuns, head on over to their offiical website, where you can download a copy of their songs ‘Heaven’s Below’ and ‘Throttle’ for free. And also watch the very NSFW video they shot for the latter of the pair, in which they get dismembered and eaten by cannibalistic Satanic nuns. As you do.



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