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May 20th, 2012

Sunday Slaylist: Valient Himself’s Rocknowledgy

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This week’s Slaylist isn’t so much a single playlist, but a recommendation to check out a podcast – the one in question being Valient Himself’s awesome Rocknowledgy. In case you’re some kind of slowpoke who is behind the times, Valient Himself is the frontman of Valient Thorr,

Rocknowledgy is a semi-regular podcast very much in the mold of John Peel – Valient Himself very much doesn’t limit his podcast to music that sounds like Valient Thorr. Sure, there’s plenty of heavy stuff in there, but it’s also a killer mix of anything and everything VH wants to share, which means you’ll also get b-sides from obscure punk bands who only ever put out two 7″ singles, throwback Alice Cooper tracks, North Carolina soul music, and loads of those songs-you-can-never-remember-the-name-of-but-whenever-you-hear-them-you-want-to-punch-the-air-at-how-badass-they-are. Occasionally he gets some guests to sit in – as he did with Mike Dean and Woody Weatherman of Corrosion of Conformity, when Valient Thorr supported them on their US tour, and his theme-episodes are some of our favourites (think Christmas music sucks? Go check out Xmas Rocknowledgy and find out how wrong you are….). In short: Rocknowledgy has quickly become one of our favourite music-podcasts here at Thrash Hits.

Watch the video to ‘Sleeper Awakes’ by Valient Thorr:

There are loads of ways you can wrap your ears around Rocknowledgy. By far the easiest is to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, as that way, whenever Valient Himself uploads a new episode, you’ll download it automatically and it’ll be there waiting for you. Otherwise, you can keep an eye over on Valient Himself’s blog, where you can not only keep up to date with his podcasts, but his Bad/Awesome Flixx movie reviews, and general ramblings on being the frontman of a kickass band. He also was uploading episodes to Mixcloud for a while, but for some reason seems to have stopped doing that around about episode 22. Ho-hum.

And speaking of podcasts, we might just have something very special for you guys in the very near future….


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