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May 3rd, 2012

TOUR DIARY! History Of The Hawk hit Europe #1

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Here’s the first part of History Of The Hawk‘s European tour diary. Singer, Nathan Coyle has promised photos of what they’ve eaten, so it’ll be just like Instagram. (You can follow ThrashHits on Instagram, by the way.) In Part 1 we follow the Stourbridge quintet from Manchester to the Mainland where they do… some slightly homo-erotic stuff and then play gigs. Cool.

Day 1: The journey

We’re currently sitting on a bus heading to Manchester airport, eye-bleeding bored. I think I’m getting a bit agitated! Beckley [guitars] is obviously getting pissed off with me as he’s downloaded some games on his phone, he asked me what game I would like to play so I say, “Sex game.” He downloads ‘Foreplay’, which is a sexual roleplay turn-based game throwing up tasks such as: “Place an ice cube on Nathan’s nipple and warm it up with you mouth.” Sadly, he didn’t accommodate me but I did try and “Nibble and stroke Adam’s butt cheeks”. Then he turned it off. Beckley is no fun to play games with.

The flight is uneventful bar the flight attendant stating upon landing: “Thanks for flying with jet2. If you have any rubbish, children or anything else you want me to get rid off, give me a shout!” Paedo.

History Of The Hawk IATDE Europe Tour Diary 2012 Thrash Hits Band Budapest

We’re in Budapest now. We just got off the train and ask local people where we have to go. Of course it’s wrong and we end up lost. Walking past the stunning parliament building, Allan [drums] falls flat on his arse. Hilarious! What a twat!

We’re in a hostel for our first night but we are all fucked. The guy tries to make conversation but we’re too tired too care! Budapest is a amazing city lit up in the dark. There seems to be some strange undercurrent though – loads of dudes fighting! Ate something called lángos from a street vendor. It’s fried Hungarian dough with sour cream, cheese and gammon! My heart hurts but it was worth it!

History Of The Hawk IATDE Europe Tour Diary 2012 Thrash Hits Bread Budapest

Day 2: Tour starts!

We got up early to get the train bullshit out of the way! Budapest is not a tourist-friendly city for travelling. We had to get two Metros to the train station, then bought a train ticket, asked which platform it was, only to be told it’s at another train station, across the city (!) by some super pissed off lady at the information desk!

Sick of lugging kit around a sunny Budapest, we set out to get the train. And then some police girl sends us the wrong way! Being the trusting people we are, we sack off her advice and get the Metro! Two more trains later, we are ready to set off for our first show in Eger!

History Of The Hawk IATDE Europe Tour Diary 2012 Thrash Hits Eger

We hook up with our tour manager, Mark at Emptiness Booking and have a look around Eger. It’s a really pretty little city! We get to the venue and it’s part of a skate park – a proper European punk rock venue. It’s called Egrix Club and it’s literally some random room at the back of what looks like a old school hostel reception! There are no mics yet but it’s a pound a pint. Balances it all out!

The Eger show was amazing – full of kids windmilling and trying to crowd surf. I’m not really into this windmilling and punching walls bullshit if I’m honest – none of us are – but I guess they are all friends so it’s cool!

History Of The Hawk IATDE Europe Tour Diary 2012 Thrash Hits Eger Venue

After the show we all get pretty shitfaced… very shitfaced! Pete and I are drinking a Hungarian shot called Unicum, which tastes like a really bitter Jägermeister. That shit knocks you about! Being the tosser, I try to snog Harper [bass]. Allan being the chivalrous bloke he is, tries to stop it by kicking me in the legs but I grabbed his foot and he ends up on his arse again. I hope this is going to be a running theme throughout the week!

Day 3: Szeged

We wake up on our tour manager’s floor and set out to get the van with our driver Ray and backline from a local practice room! The place is on top of a industrial bakery so if you run your finger down the wall you get flour all over your fingers!

Before setting out we eat more lángos, lovingly prepared by Mark’s mother around the family dinner table. I’m seriously bringing this back to the UK with me – it’s the best thing I’ve eaten since I discovered bacon and cheese oatcakes in Stoke!

The roads are pretty poor in Hungary, bar the main motorway to Budapest, but the best thing about the A-roads are the gypsy prostitutes that you come across every few miles. By the state of them I doubt they get much business!

We arrive in Szegad and it’s absolutely pissing it down. There doesn’t look like there is much to see here. All there seems to be is a massive mall, so we go in, piss around and then head back to the venue, Club Noir.

History Of The Hawk IATDE Europe Tour Diary 2012 Thrash Hits Szegad Venue

We are eat vegan paprikas krumpli, which is a Hungarian stew. It usually consists of sausage and stuff, but having three hippies all the good stuff is left out! It’s nice though, like a tomato soup with loads of potatoes!

The show is pretty busy and everybody seems to be really nice! We had some random kids screaming down our mics! Comes off, kids in Europe are ace!

There seems to be a mix up with the venue so Beckley and I end up sleeping in the van while the others head off to sleep in what they describe as an open prison! Good night, Szeged!

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