Thrash Hits

May 2nd, 2012

WIN: loads of CDs and t-shirts from Emmure, God Forbid, Taproot and Wretched.

Emmure promo photo 2012 Thrash Hits

Everyone loves free stuff. We love free stuff. It’s the incentive that keeps us posting snide and snarky missives on the internet, after all. Sometimes though, people want us to give you free stuff though – as is the case with the guys and gals over at Victory Records, who’ve given us a big ol’ bag of CDs and t-shirts to give away to our readers.


Victory Records competition prizes Thrash Hits

Just look at that pile. Like the page title says, that’s loads of CDs and t-shirts from Emmure, God Forbid, Taproot and Wretched. And that’s only a fraction of it, too. We’ve got so much stuff, we don’t even know how we’re going to split it up for prizes yet.

We guess if loads of you enter, we’ll pick more winners and you can all grab a piece of the pie. If hardly any of you bother to answer the absurdly easy question below, then we guess less of you will be getting slightly bigger prize packs. A layman might see this as a sign that we’re just making this up as we go along. This is, of course, scandalous and untrue. The truth is we’re just exploring new avenues of interactivity with you, our loyal readership.

The frontman of which of these band has an on-off electronic side-project by the name of 'Thannos Reignz'?

This competition is dead. Go click Competitions and find another one and win some other shit.

Usual competition rules apply – UK entries only, no multiple entries, and our decision as to who wins is final. You’ve got about a week to enter, after which we’ll contact the winners by email and arrange sending out your winnings ASAP. You know the drill by now!


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