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June 5th, 2012

And speaking of PledgeMusic, earthtone9 are using it to fund their new album.

Earthtone9 promo photo 2011 Thrash Hits

While we’re on the subject of PledgeMusic, earthtone9 have just launched their second campaign using the fan-funding service. Last year the reformed alt-metallers successfully released their For Cause and Consequence EP via the service, and now they’re planning on using it to fund their first post-reformation album.

earthtone9’s frontman, Karl Middleton, has described the new material the band plan on recording thus:

“It definitely represents where the material for this new album is at. It feels like a mix of the face pounding heaviness of Arc Tan gent with the experimental twists of our swansong Omega EP. We could not be more excited about people hearing it.”

This makes us very excited. What makes us even more excited is the free single, ‘Horizons End’, that the band are giving away as added encouragement for you to donate to their PledgeMusic campaign. It was recorded with Foo Fighters/Biffy Clyro producer, Chris Sheldon, and features one of the biggest, dirtiest grooves e9 have ever produced.

Click here to get yourself a free download of ‘Horizons End’ by earthtone9

As is par for the course with PledgeMusic campaigns, the more moolah you shell out, the fancier package earthtone9 will send you once their new album is in the can. Packages start out as low as £8 for just a digital copy of the finished record, and go all the way up to £200 for the fanciest package – a day working in a studio with Si Hutchby, the band’s drummer, on a project of your choice. Go check out earthtone9’s official PledgeMusic page for more details of the various packages.



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