Thrash Hits

June 26th, 2012

DISINGENUOUS HEADLINE: “Sex born from Hard Rock and Heavy Metal”

New Scientist Screen Capture


Everyone knows that Metal – being a creative endeavour requiring many years of focussed and diligent study – is all about sex. Power Metal? Sex. Death Metal? Angry Sex. Djent? Very complicated, elegant and precise sex, probably involving a surprisingly sturdy indoor swing. Or something.

Likewise, we recognise the important role heavy metal (records, clubnights, braces…) played in our first awkward fumblings. So when we saw the above headline in New Scientist, we thought “what else is new?”

Except it turns out it’s actually about how early cells evolved sexual reproduction, in response to the erosion of metal rich granite in the ancient supercontinent Nuna.

So does that means we owe our sex lives to both proper, actual metal, as well as our favourite kind of music? Cool.



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