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June 12th, 2012

Every Time I Die get their #SHINFO ripped off by Hot Topic

every time i die etid shinfo hot topic thrash hits 2012

Every Time I Die are one of the greatest bands around. They are prolific tweeters. Not only is the band twitter very active but singer Keith Buckley, guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, drummer Ryan Leger AND former bassist Josh Newton all do regular tweetery.

Basically, they came up with a phrase that encapsulated the most awesome tweets in the world. You know. Stuff like, “I’m eating an apple.” Stuff like, “My car has a flat tyre.” Stuff like, “I’m having a heart attack LOL.” They call it #shinfo. Because it’s shit info. It’s like Brangelina.

Now, 642-shop strong teen fashion retail chain Hot Topic have used the word ‘SHINFO’ on a rubber bracelet. That could be seen as theft of intellectual property.

To put it into perspective: ‘shinfo’ isn’t a real word.

To put it into perspective: Every Time I Die came up with the word and now Hot Topic are looking to make some money off it.

Every Time I Die were selling #SHINFO baseball caps on their merch stand back in summer 2010 so they do have a bona fide claim to ownership of propelling the word into the popular vernacular of the Hot Topic demographic.

We couldn’t find a photo of said hat but at least two of our close comrades have rued their decision not to purchase said hat on said tour. That’s some #shinfo right there.

The band didn’t/can’t copyright the word, however, so they’re just getting ripped off. Or are they simply so influential that they are reconstructing the English language? Make them feel better by buying a t-shirt.



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