Thrash Hits

June 1st, 2012

FREE STUFF: Download Deathwish, Inc.’s 21-track 2012 Summer Sampler, featuring the likes of Narrows, Give Up The Ghost, and Touché Amoré

Another day; another shedload of FREE MUSIC for you to download. Today it’s the turn of Deathwish, Inc., the label co-founded by Converge’s Jacob Bannon, as they’ve just released a free “Summer 2012” label sampler. When you take a look at the tracklisting – featuring the likes of Narrows, Oathbreaker, Heiress, Whips/Chains, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost (aka American Nightmare), Single Mothers, Self Defense Family, Cursed, Touché Amoré, and Deafheaven – you can see that this is no piddly compilation of also-rans and lightweights.

Deathwish, Inc. Summer 2012 Label Sampler Thrash Hits

Because Deathwish, Inc. really want you to get your mitts on their sampler, they’ve got not one, not two, not three, but five places you can download it from. If one of them isn’t working, just click on another. C’mon people, it’s not hard.

Download from Cloud:
Download from Mediafire:
Download from Sendspace:
Download from Yousendit:
Download from Deathwish:

Like we said with Relapse’s Bandcamp love-in earlier this week, if you like the music that labels like Deathwish, Inc. are putting out, and if you want them to keep a) giving away cool downloads like this, and b) want them to keep supporting music like this, then head on over to the Deathwish, Inc. online store and spend a few £$£$ on an album or two, or a t-shirt, or anything really. We know times are tough and everyone’s still got less spare cash than they used to, but that goes double for smaller indie labels – if you love ’em, you’ve got to do more than just say you love ’em.


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