Thrash Hits

June 22nd, 2012

Hair Metal 003: Noodles of The Offspring

noodles The Offspring promo photo car 2012 thrash hits

There are so many regular features about what sick tattoos bands have got and what awesome trainers they’re wearing, but what about their haircare regime? How do they get their hair looking so cool? HOW? You were thinking it, so we asked it.

What shampoo do you use, Noodles of The Offspring?

“I just use some sort of wax or some clay. The white parts took me about 45 years to get correct and then I go in and get somebody to do the black parts. I call it ‘Getting my punk on’ but it’s real quick: I just slap some shit in there, mess it up and it’s way easier than any other hair product I could ever possibly imagine.”

Now we want to get our punk on, but without slapping shit in our hair. That sounds… smelly. Smelly and messy.


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