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June 18th, 2012

Kate Nash goes full-on Riot Grrrl

Sleater Kinney thrash hits 2012 riot grrrl

Just… watch this video. It’s Kate Nash’s new song, ‘Under-Estimate The Girl’ and it’s just super.

Yeah. Great isn’t it. She’s been fashioning herself like this since the release of her second album in spring 2010 but this video is just outstanding.

You really get the feeling that her singing voice is natural and awesome. You really get the feeling she believes in all the ideologies of Riot Grrrl. You really get the feeling that this isn’t just all dress up.

FYI, this is the song Nash broke through with in 2007. It’s called ‘Foundations’ and it’s fucking annoying. All apologies if you click Play.

Maybe this early incarnation of Kate Nash is the dress up? Maybe this is the insincere side of her – the side of Kate Nash that was plastered firmly over her own personal punk rock persona. Maybe she’s finally burst out of her shitty indie pop cocoon and is finally showing her true colours.

Either way, it’s important to appreciate the dark side of life occasionally.



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