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June 20th, 2012

LISTEN: Sucioperro – Pig Ravens

sucioperro band promo photo 2012 thrash hits

This is an exclusive track off Scottish quintet Sucioperro’s new album Fused. The song is called ‘Pig Ravens’ and it’s a gnarled fuzzbox of dirge telling a dark and desperate story in 130 seconds. You’ll feel sad when it finishes because you’ll want to hear another song.

What does Pig Ravens mean? Tell us about the song here.

JP – “Feeding a corpse to the pigs is a way of totally disposing a body, teeth, bones, the lot. The ravens are there, silently waiting for any scraps.”

“The ‘Look the other way’ refrain is the voice in our heads saying, ‘Turn away from the scene, don’t look’. Some of us are compelled to look, some of us may be the killer and some turn away. A lot of the lyrics on the album are written from the eye of the bystander not necessarily the beholder.”

The album is their fourth. Furthermore, they are releasing the album themselves via Bandcamp, which is something we approve of because independence is difficult and worthy of respect. Support them if you like their music and they can and will continue to create more. That’s how it works.

Tell us about the album.

JP – “It was written very quickly, straight after the last album tour in May/June of 2011. I was questioning everything in my life at the time. Instead of burying my heart, I threw myself into the studio and immersed myself in my subconscious, imagination, whisky, weed and loud, distorted guitar. I trusted my instinct and followed my gut at every turn. The demos were a total noisefest but we all connected with the rawness of the songs. It then became a case of identifying the heart of the beast and developing the arrangements with everyone. For me, it really feels like we have found our feet and are happy with who we are as a band.”

This is album four. Unlike so many bands, you’ve not given up yet! What’s driving you on?

FERGUS – “We’re not done yet. We still have music to make. It’s not only a choice but a compulsion. In a sense it’s a blessing that we don’t have labels or business people breathing down our necks telling us what to do or when or how to do it. This leaves us free to create in ways that best serve the music.”

STEWART – “Music is entirely vocational for us, so I guess it’s not really something you can ‘give up’. So many brilliant British bands have thrown the towel in over the last few years, for various reasons, and we just felt that if we’re still enjoying being creative and making music together, why stop? If we weren’t in a band together we’d all be involved in music in some form, so we may as well do it together! 2012 is actually the tenth anniversary of the band, and it feels like quite the milestone given the state of music at the moment. We’re all very proud to still be doing something we believe in.”

sucioperro fused new album cover artwork 2012 thrash hits

What are you doing differently this time round?

FERGUS – “Tuning to drop B. Eating more fruit and veg – helps you see in the dark. I’m learning to speak Greek. We’re also doing it alone. No labels, no management, which we tried and it didn’t work out so good. Now we are in control with no strings. It helps.”

STEWART – “With this album we tried to follow our gut instinct every time. If there was ‘ums’ and ‘ehs’, we got rid of it – it had to feel right from the off. And I think we’ve managed to turn that into a pretty unique album.”

Do people know how to pronounce the band name yet?

FERGUS – “Probably not, we’re still trying to figure that one out.”

STEWART – “I’d like to think yes, but you still get someone every now and again who has difficulty with it. It’s part of the charm. We’ve had some classic attempts over the years – Superhero, The Sopranos! Once you’ve got it, though, at least you won’t confuse us for someone else!”



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