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June 17th, 2012

Lostprophets release range of Fucked Up t-shirts

Lostprophets 2012 promo photo Thrash Hits

Lostprophets – one of the UK’s premier rock bands – were a bit miffed at not winning a Kerrang! Award last week and so have charged their fans with the task of buying their merch to help soothe their egos.

The problem is that said merch is emblazoned with a quickly thought out logo that is mighty similar to the Fucked Up logo. Obviously the Welsh emo legends are actually just helping out their Canadian comrades and a sizable portion of the profits will see their way over to them. Right? No? WHAT?? OK.

Lostprophets Fucked Up t-shirt rip off 2012 logo thrash hits

It’s highly unlikely that the LostProphets boys seriously meant to rip off Fucked Up, of course. They wouldn’t do anything like that on purpose but the similarities are striking. Aren’t they. If in doubt, go and buy some Fucked Up merch.

LostProphets released an album, Weapons earlier this year. Right now there is little other description we care to attach to their latest creative offering other than “an album”.



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