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June 29th, 2012

Top 6… Amazing stuff at Hellfest 2012

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You already should have read about the Top 6 bands at Hellfest 2012 but here are six more reasons why metal festivals in Clisson, France are wonderful things. Here are another six reasons why going to Hellfest is a very fucking good idea.

Top 6 non musical things that made Hellfest 2012 amazing

If the ballsack shrivelling line up was the cake, Hellfest’s fixtures and bars were the icing. Demonic trees, flames and fixtures dominate the site, and when the sun fell away to cloud cover, you’d most definitely be mistaken for thinking you’d actually taken a wrong turn and ended up at the seventh level. It gave the festival a dimension that’s rarely shown in the UK, and made all the difference to the atmosphere.

hellfest 2012 thrash hits attention to detail cool stuff sculptures bar heavy metal tree

Environmentalists might think metal festivals may not be the best place to find a great idea to keep litter down, but Hellfest has a system in place that would do very well to be adopted at home. The festival’s custom designed cups and jugs were €1 with your first beer (€3 in total), and if you kept the cup they’d refill it for just the beer cost. That means the beer was €2 a go* and you just paid for a cup / jug to keep booze in all weekend (and take home as a souvenir if you like). How many cups and jugs do you think were left on the floor? Exactly.

hellfest 2012 beer cup deposits logo thrash hits

*disclaimer: not a pint

3a) THIS GUY #1
This man (left), spotted in the heat of Sunday afternoon, had been having a wonderful morning/afternoon/whatever and was happily stumbling around making friends when he was able to stand up. What you can actually see him doing here is urinating in a bin. This is basically the definition of the correct way to enjoy a festival, and whereas you’d probably find this guy being escorted out at Reading, he was busy being high fived and smiling with everyone else. Which is absolutely fine.

3b) THIS GUY #2
Spotted shortly after THIS GUY #1, THIS GUY #2 (right) was more than happy being fast asleep in bandaged gear in the middle of the afternoon. Note how no one is diving on him or trying to steal his wallet. It’s a beautiful thing.

hellfest 2012 these guys pissing in a bin mummy weirdo latex thrash hits

When’s the last time you saw a good natured mud fight at a festival in the UK? Probably a while ago / never… Anyway, here, just to the side of the main arena, is a mud fight between four fine gentleman watched by a few hundred people, which actually ended in hugs and shakes of hands. Whether the security didn’t give a shit or not is unclear, but no one got hurt and it was funny as shit. Try doing that in the Reading Arena.

hellfest 2012 mud fight circle pit thrash hits

There’s not really a caption for this apart from “METAL”, so that’s that.

hellfest 2012 death angel proper heavy metallers thrash hits

Try and take a photo of smeone with two jugs of beer, and this WILL happen at Hellfest. All the time. It’s one of the friendliest festivals in Europe, and it’s hard not to have a good time when there’s such reckless abandonment and fun going on amongst the beatdowns.

hellfest 2012 photobombing beer pitcher thrash hits


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