Thrash Hits

June 18th, 2012

What to do when Maria Brinks boobs aren’t enough to sell In This Moment? MORE BOOBS

In This Moment’s collective idiocy must have just been thinking, “By golly, this album isn’t very good. Maria’s boobs are still holding up… I know! MORE BOOBS!”

Then the label came along and agreed but added, “And ditch the band. They’re ugly.”

in this moment blood album 2012 cover artwork boobs maria brink century media thrash hits


Seriously, though, name someone from In This Moment other than Maria Brink. See? Listen to the title track from Blood. Best song ever, right? No.



  • Narc

    Name someone else from Paramore? No Doubt? Versa Emerge? Tonight Alive? Nah neither can I. Lame angle. Song is average.

    • True. Album is alright I guess. Adrenalize is the clear winner. Just a matter of time before Maria does her own thing, like so many lead singers or key parts of a group (Stevie Nicks, Natalie Merchant). I was just wondering when/if she would do her own album and would it be as hard. Looking at the song World in Flames…she could do the pop/err rock thing and be a big hit. She doesn’t have to scream to be good…

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