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July 18th, 2012

EP: Gnarwolves – CRU

Gnarwolves promo photo Thrash Hits

Tangled Talk/Day By Day Records
16 July 2012

by Alex Andrews

Although GnarwolvesFun Club tape has been doing the rounds for a few months now, the first introduction to the Brighton band for many will have been via the endearingly shoddy video for the excellent ‘History Is Bunk’. Presumably filmed on an iPhone and set in the confines of a living room, the video features all three members of the band (who don’t even have the decency to remove their hats) gurning into the camera, lip-synching the lyrics and swinging bottles of Stella in the air.

Gnarwolves CRU EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Bursting out of the blocks with an energy reminiscent of a young Title Fight, Gnarwolves are the latest arrival in a bloodline of bands built upon the same holy trinity of beers, bros and shows. In one song alone, they manage to encapsulate everything good about the spirit of punk rock at its most pure. Raw and rowdy and without a hint of pretension, the track is still, without exaggeration, one of the genre’s most exciting moments in years.

It’s hardly surprising that the five songs which follow aren’t quite in the same league, but that doesn’t change the fact that CRU is an EP well worthy of your pounds. This is the sound of a band brimming with confidence; stacking up back-to-back sing-a-longs and switching tempos at leisure. Having nailed down the no-nonsense melodic punk sound, it’s refreshing to hear that Gnarwolves are a much more than a one trick pony. Whilst the faster moments could have been penned by any one of their peers, the likes of ‘Coffee’ and ‘Community, Stability, Identity,’ with its slow, swaying climax, reveal there was a sensitivity behind the Stellas after all.


Sounds Like: Bangers, The Dauntless Elite, Dillinger Four.
Standout Tracks: History Is Bunk, A Gram Is Better Than A Damn, Coffee.



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