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July 17th, 2012

Future Hits 121: Gnarwolves

Gnarwolves promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Cornwall, UK
Lazy equation: (Cheap Beer + Dillinger Four) x getting high and watching Frozen Planet.
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Thrash Hits verdict: Gnarwolves are one of those bands we’ve been eyeing them up for a Future Hits for a while now – we kept getting tipped to them from trusted sources all over the place. We  finally got to see them strut their stuff when we caught them opening the bill at Kerouac’s final show, and yep, our sources were bang on the money. If you’ve got even the slightest inkling for some new punk without an ounce of pretension, Gnarwolves are the band you’re looking for. To that end, we’ve got a review of the band’s CRU EP coming up later this week, but for the time being, here’s what we learned when we caught up with Max, their drummer.


Describe your sound in 3 words.
Punk for fun.

How did you meet?
Thom and I are brothers, and Charlie was playing shows around the same scene in Cornwall for a bit. He then moved to Brighton and wanted to make a band, and so did me and thom.

What made you want to start a band?
We’ve been playing music since forever, so when we’re not playing in a band there is a void that needs to be filled. Gnarwolves started from a big itch to play shows and get drunk in weird towns after our other bands split. Being in a band opens you up to so many sick nights drinking cheap beer and sleeping in small rooms full of sweaty dudes, which we all love. This is our life, we don’t know any different.

Where did the name come from?
We were writing our first record and we needed a name, so we got high, and watched Frozen Planet. You ever heard of a narwhal?

How do you think growing up in Cornwall has affected your music?
I guess makes us a bit weird. I would surf and skate all day or go and burn shit in the woods. These days it seems all kids are worried about is what fucking Supreme hat you‘re wearing, which no one really gave a shit about down there, you can go wild and be yourself and pull funny faces without getting sore looks, which is nice. But it also gets really bleak and quite depressing in the winter, so having a solid crew of friends is always important. Life in Cornwall is a big inspiration for Gnarwolves, as its where it all started.

What are your non-musical influences?
Skateboarding, beer, depression, rejection, good times, all the fun and not so fun shit in life.

So far, what has been the best thing about being in a band?
Being able to play to shows all the time, watching the crowds get bigger is pretty exciting, writing new music, playing old music, drinking free beer, hanging out with the homies, skating new spots and having something to look forward to after your shitty 12 hour shifts at work is pretty good too. Playing in a band is pretty fun, three chords and you’re off.

With which band would your dream tour be?
After seeing Majesty [their 2009 tour DVD], touring with The Black Dahlia Murder looks fun, but I don’t think our punk jams are brutal enough.

Gnarwolves CRU EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

What marks you out as different to other bands around at the moment?
I don’t see many bands making their own hot sauce.

What’s the best show you’ve played?
We played Kerouac’s last show at The Old Blue Last the other night and my mind is still blown. Every band that played was fucking unbelievable and the crowd went insane. It was still light when most of the bands were playing, but it didn’t stop a couple of hundred people from throwing themselves off of each other into a mass of sweaty corpses. That was pretty special. We once played a show where Charlie played bass for half a set without being plugged into his amp, that was kinda special too.

What have you got planned for the future?
We want to tour non stop, play mad shows with bands who we love, write and release lots of music, and try and sell enough hot sauce so we don’t have to work for minimum wage anymore. Touring the US, Australia and Japan is a life long goal, which I think if we work hard enough, could be achievable.

What other band should everyone find out about?
A band called OTTO from London. They’ve only just come about, but they write really nice songs.


Gnarwolves CRU EP is out now on Tangled Talk / Day By Day Records. It’s available digitally and as a limited-edition 7″, so you better break out your wallet now if you want to get a copy of this that you can hold in your greasy hands.


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