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July 27th, 2012

Guest Column: Grind To Death’s Alex Layzell on Fastcore (Part 2)

A while ago Alex Layzell, head-honcho over at the excellent Grind To Death, wrote a column for us on the subject of Fastcore. It went down so well, we asked him back to write part 2….

Grind To Death Guest Column Fastcore Part 2 Thrash Hits

Around the world in 80 days? Bah, give me some fastcore and I will power-walk that distance twice over and still make it back in time for tea, bringing with me a fresh batch of mangos for pudding and half a dozen third world kids to hand over to any post-colonial guilt suffering celebrity. If you have no clue what fastcore or the magical properties it possesses  is then I recommend checking out my first amateur mini expose on the matter here on Thrash Hits, and for those who have already read it please continue. Once again I recommended being tightly strapped/ seat belted into a bolted chair before letting any of these feast for the ears turn you into voluntary epileptic.

1) George Bitch Jnr

George Bitch Jr Thrash Hits

George Bush bashing is nothing new to any sphere be it the media, music or pub banter, to George Bitch Jr, the snappy name is not just a play on words but a titular personification of everything they perceive to be wrong with the developed world. Their lyrics are a mix of that comical yet politically charged punk ethos and general small talk nonsense, however their strength rests in their insanely catchy and zany rolling fastcore tumble, although short lived and receiving limited exposure, the band are a cult classic fastcore band, who have had a clear influence on UK grind legends The Afternoon Gentlemen amongst many other acts.

Listen to five tracks from George Bitch Jnr’s split EP with Quill:

2) Idiots Parade

Idiots Parade Thrash Hits

Possibly a band name nabbed from a Nasum track, Idiots Parade bounce some really hooking fastcore, fronted by female vocalist Petra she brings a particular sharp vocal edge to their spritely rumble which when coupled with their memorable and rapid riff progressions really does make this band stand out from the crowd. Handpicked by Scott Hull to represent the best of the underground to the extreme music community in his fabulous This Comp Kills Fascists series, an assertion of quality the band live up to.

Watch Idiots Parade live at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2009:

3) Lycanthropy

Lycanthropy Thrash Hits

Lycanthropy are the best Czech grind/fastcore band out there, and currently the best female fronted band too IMO, a bold statement especially when you consider how many world class Czech grind bands there are, and how many female fronted bands there are too. There is a distinct clinch in their work that whenever heard automatically responds with a hefty sense of satisfaction, born of an old school grindcore repertoire (early Agathocles and Phobia) placed at a more rampant pace, relayed through a more lively set up and trademarked with a distinct tonal signature. One of the best bands of our generation.

Listen to Lycanthropy’s contribution to a split with Say Why:

4) Stack

Stack Thrash Hits

Stack are German fastcore fiends rooted in the burliness born of the first Powerviolence storm that peaked in the mid-nineties. Profound guitar work and intricate percussion imbued against a stark howling vocal pinch. Their work possess a distinct hardcore bounce factor, ping ponged at 400% acceleration.

Listen to ‘Mondonervaktion’ by Stack:

5) Scholastic Deth

Scholastic Deth Thrash Hits

Self-dubbed Nerdcore slap-a-ham veterans Scholastic Deth are bound to stimulate the inner fastcore fanatic and litterateur in you. Scholastic Deth Play a vibrant and youthful punk stride at a significantly pumped up tempo. Once again short-lived, but as it has been declared “Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse” – note not to be taken literally!

Listen to Revenge of the Nerds by Scholastic Deth:

6) Threatener

Threatener Thrash Hits

Ok, I only just found out about this band, but Threatener had to make the list. It’s just break neck hardcore saddled on some melodic gallops, making for some mean faced adrenaline kicking powerviolence. Best enjoyed in an area where any valuables are placed beyond a thrashing arms length!

Listen to ‘Isolation King’ by Threatener:

7) Chiens

Chiens Thrash Hits

I was going to end the list after Threatener, but I decided to share one of my all-time favourite bands with you guys, because if you read Thrash Hits then I am pretty sure you’re a cool dude/lass and thus are befitting to bask in the glory that is Chiens! Hailing from France these no nonsense speed freaks are Europes answer to the almighty Magrudergrind. And holy fucking hell do they love their BPM, because I am pretty sure somewhere along the line they broke the sound barrier with their endless barrage of full throttle grindviolence. The band are so damn quick that their full length is just a one sided LP, yet crams more blasts, riffs and more screams than your favourite band have put out in their entire career. Checkmate.

Listen to ‘HowLowCost in Romania’ by Chiens:

Alex Layzell is the boss over at the mighty Grind To Death – one of the best blogs on the ‘net when it comes to music that louder, faster, noisier and just downright nastier than anything else out there. We highly recommend you check out his site, and make it a regular part of your blog-browsing. Even if he did recently cut off his beard.


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