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July 7th, 2012

Harley Flanagan, formerly of Cro-Mags, goes berserk and knifes former bandmates at NY show

Harley Flanagan Cro-Mags Thrash Hits

We’re a little bit lost for words on this one. Last night, former bassist and one of the founder members of Cro-Mags, Harley Flanagan, went seven shades of mental at a Cro-Mags show in New York. Reports currently seem to suggest he barged his way into the VIP area of Webster Hall, NY, and proceeded to slash and bite two members of the band who he helped form, but hasn’t been a member of himself for a decade now.

Currently the New York Post has the most info on the incident – as well as a photo of Flanagan restrained in a chair after the attack took place. Here’s the long and the short of it though:

The band was about to take the stage about 8:15 p.m. when tattooed rocker Harley Flanagan, 42, barreled through the East Village venue’s VIP section toward the Cro-Mags’ dressing room, sending nearly 30 guests on the balcony into a frenzy, law enforcement sources and witnesses said.

It seems that once he got in sight of his former bandmates, Flanagan pulled out a hunting knife, and to put it bluntly, went mental.

William Berario, 45, was slashed above the eye and bitten on his cheek. Michael Couls, 33, — the band’s current bassist, who is known in the hardcore world as “The Gook” — was cut on his arm and stomach.

Both members of Cro-Mags were taken to Bellevue Hospital with non life-threatening wounds.

Flanagan, a New York native, was also taken to the hospital. He was hit with two counts of 2nd degree assault and weapons charges.

Blimey. This isn’t a laughing matter – with the Randy Blythe situation right now, gig security is at the forefront of both musicians and fans’ minds alike right now, but you never expect violence to come from a former bandmate, no matter what off-stage beef there is between all parties. We’re going slightly out on a limb here, but we’re pretty sure Flanagan has some serious mental problems in order to have perpetrated an attack like this – in front of dozens of witnesses, where he must’ve known he would both be identified and subdued in short order. More when we hear it….

**UPDATE** A few more details have come to light c/o Metal Insider.

**MORE UPDATES** A follow up story – and a bit of back story on the whole sorry affair – from the New York Post.



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