Thrash Hits

July 2nd, 2012

Listen to all of No Omega’s debut album, Metropolis, and then go buy it on sweet, sexy vinyl

No Omega promo photo Thrash Hits

If the name No Omega sounds familiar, good – the Swedes were no.78 in our perpetual Future Hits series last year. Well, No Omega released their debut full lenghth, Metropolis, earlier this year, and have also just put it out on sexy limited-edition vinyl as part of a three-label release deal c/o Monument, Get This Right, and Thirty Days Of Night. You want to hear it, right?

Anyway, without any more bullshit, here’s the album in full:

What’s that? You want the option to skip to certain tracks? No problemo, sunshine – it’s also up on Spotify. Yeah, it’s a bit if a beast, ain’t it? Now you’ve gone and listened to the whole of Metropolis, you want to buy a copy on vinyl to show off how you actually support bands and don’t just rinse the internet for your tunes? Well, take your pick from the below links and break out that wallet:

No Omega bandcamp:
TDON Records store:
Monument store:
Get This Right Records store:


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