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July 3rd, 2012

The Only Way Is… HEAVY METAL (and Topshop)

towie the only way is essex bullet for my valentine chloe sims lauren pop thrash hits 2012

Who is this hot metal babe showing her impeccable taste in Heavy Metal by wearing a Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt? It’s only Lauren Pope from The Only Way Is Essex, or TOWIE as it is also known.

TOWIE is not an up-and-coming band from Essex, though. IT’S A REALITY TV SHOW AND LAUREN POPE DOESN’T REALLY LIKE METAL!!! That’s pretty obvious from her wearing a BFMV t-shirt, but whatever LOLOL.

towie the only way is essex bullet for my valentine tshirt chloe sims lauren pop thrash hits 2012

In better news, Lauren’s skirt is called a Mullet Skirt and mullets are a million times more metal than your haircut, so props on that. How dare a non-metaller wear a band t-shirt though? Hang on…

AND OH MY GOD, TOPSHOP ARE SELLING A SLAYER T-SHIRT. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? HOW DARE THEY!?! First hipsters stole our Slayer away from us and now fashion-conscious girls are wearing the same clothes as fashion-conscious boys. Holy fuckety fuck.

slayer topshop tshirt vest fashion unofficial thrash hits 2012

It’s only £22 quid and that’s much easier than you getting your scissors out and making your boxy, uncomfortable Slayer t-shirt look sexy, right girls? Plus, that lace is HOTT.

This is nothing new. I was in Topshop with an old girlfriend once and another bored guy asked me where I got my Motörhead t-shirt from, expecting me to say Aisle 27. I told him I got it from the Motörhead show at Brixton last autumn and asked him when the last time he saw Motörhead. He said he’d seen them at a festival once.

I shook my head at him and walked over to the lingerie section to cheer myself up anyway.

Whatever. Just buy your t-shirts from the bands. Ideally, that will be at a gig, where you might even get to meet the band at the merch stall. Otherwise, get it from their webstore. That way the band will get the money, which is NICE.



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