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July 30th, 2012

Win a pair of tickets to Bloodstock Open Air 2012 in our laziest competition ever

Bloodstock 2012 Thrash Hits

Like every other British rock and metal website in existence right now, we’ve got a pair of tickets for Bloodstock Open Air to give away to one of our readers. Notice we didn’t say “one lucky reader”, or any variation thereof? That’s because winning Thrash Hits’ competition has absolutely sod all to do with luck.

Now, if you’re at all familiar with any of our festival interview videos from the last four years, you’ll know that in order to minimise the amount of work we have to do beforehand, we tend to ask the same clutch of absolute bullshit questions to pretty much every band unfortunate enough to cross our path while our video camera is rolling. More often than not, we rustle these questions up while we’re either a) hungover, or b) on the drive up from London to whatever field we’re going to be causing trouble in for that particular festival.

In order to win our pair of Bloodstock Open Air 2012 tickets, we want you to come up with a ridiculous question that we could in theory ask the majority of bands at this year’s Bloodstock. Whoever emails us TOO LATE THE COMPETITION IS OVER with the funniest question wins. If we think the question will get us beaten up by more than one band, it can’t win. We’re willing to take one smack in the mouth for your entertainment, but that’s our limit. Other than that, the question can be about anything you want, but we’d advise against suggesting a “closed question” (FYI: that’s a question with a fixed answer, like a Yes-or-No question, or even our tried-and-tested Snog/Marry/Avoid question from Download Festival 2011. We’re not saying a closed question can’t win, just that it’a a lot less likely we’ll pick one for the winner.

Look! It’s the videos we shot at Bloodstock Open Air 2011:

Usual competition rules apply – our decision is final, etc, although in this instance you can enter as many question suggestions as you like. The prize is a pair of regular camping tickets, and doesn’t include accommodation, travel, or anything like that. There’s a super-quick turnaround on this one too – winners will be selected and need to be able to give us their full postal address by the end of Wednesday 01 August 2012, in order to ensure your tickets can be posted to you in time for the festival. So start thinking.


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