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August 22nd, 2012

Top 6: Reading & Leeds Festival 2012 – previewed

If you’re going to Reading or Leeds Festival this weekend and you’re on Thrash Hits, you don’t need us to recommend you Foo Fighters, Paramore and Bullet For My Valentine. You’ve already made up your mind on what side of the Enter Shikari fence you’re on but here are six bands you really ought to see.

Reading Festival 2012 line-up 12 March Thrash Hits

1) Cancer Bats
One of our favourite bands playing on the Main Stage at Reading? Well, yes. We’re going to tell everyone to go watch. The Canadian metallers released Dead Set On Living earlier this year. We’ve seen them on big stages at Download and Sonisphere and they owned the stage both times. They’ll do the same at Reading.

Yes, we’re going to carry on calling it Reading because we’re totally London-centric. Sorry, The North. We still love you.

2) Wet Nuns
We featured this inventive duo’s punky blues in a Future Hits six months ago. Not only do they make music to soak your face in whiskey to, but they also make creepy videos. Look!

3) Pettybone
We did a Future Hits with this political, all-girl quartet 18 months ago and this might be their last couple of shows at this festival. If you haven’t seen them around supporting the likes of Refused and Retox, here’s your chance.

4) Möngöl Hörde
Or Mongol Horde, without the umlauts. Yeah this is Frank Turner’s new hardcore band. It’s closer to Million Dead than his mega-selling acoustic stuff. It’ll be worth watching, as long as no Frank Turner songs are slipped in surreptitiously.

5) Hawk Eyes
Having released the awesome Ideas earlier in 2012, this Sheffield quartet is headlining a stage at Reading Festival. That’s pretty cool. They’re a pretty cool alternative to Kasabian.

6) Black Moth
Another new band featured in a Future Hits, these guys will be more at home playing Leeds festival because that’s where they’re from, but whatever. Their fuzzy riff-laden approach is tempered by Harriet Hyde’s vocals. They’re a good band.

Special mention: Green Day?
Are Green Day playing Reading early on Saturday? Late on Friday after Paramore? Who knows. The rumours we report on never come true, do they…

Do make sure you go and see Every Time I Die though.


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