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August 18th, 2012

Top 6: Reasons we’re not (too) sad that Jeff Tuttle has left The Dillinger Escape Plan

Jeff Tuttle from The Dillinger Escape Plan by Ben Gibson Thrash Hits

Okay. That blog title is a massive piece of misdirection. When the news came in yesterday that Jeff Tuttle had decided to part ways with The Dillinger Escape Plan, we were really bummed out. We frickin’ love DEP, and we frickin’ love what Tuttle brought to the band. Although he didn’t appear on Ire Works, Tuttle had been in the band since they started touring that release, and his contributions to 2010’s Option Paralysis – which was Thrash Hits’ Album of 2010 – can’t be understated either.

However, rather than despair that a member of our favourite bands has decided to leave, we’re giving this one a positive spin. Which is why we’ve gone and put together….

Six we’re not (too) sad that Jeff Tuttle has left The Dillinger Escape Plan:

Jeff Tuttle is punk as fuck. No arguments – the man shits more punk than 99% of the Warped Tour put together. Hell, Tuttle’s onstage critique of Forever The Sickest Kids was the most punk-rock thing on the entire Warped Tour in 2010. And when he reached a point in his creative life when being in The Dillinger Escape Plan was no longer the best thing for either himself or the band, he made the decision to leave. He didn’t stick around when his heart wasn’t in it; as with the rest of DEP, collecting a paycheque was nothing when measured up against personal and professional integrity. If you’ve read the statements from both Tuttle and the band, you’ll know there’s no bad blood there, and as fans of both DEP and Tuttle, we’re super-stoked that no-one’s walking out of this situation bearing a grudge.

We ran a Future Hits on Jeff’s side-project band, Old Gods, almost exactly a year ago today. What we said then still stands today – Tuttle’s band with members of Heads Will Roll and perennial Thrash Hits favourites, The Armed, is a fierce noise-war that somehow managed to allow itself to be captured on record. Working as a frontman as opposed to his role in DEP as second guitarist, Old Gods was Tuttle at his most primal. That we might get more Old Gods music sooner rather than later now Tuttle has more time on his hands can only be a good thing.

Watch Old Gods perform Flower of Flesh and Blood (Live @ The Pike Room):

We don’t know very much about Jeff Tuttle’s solo project right now – heck, we don’t know jack shit about it other than the name, but if a guy who used to be in The Dillinger Escape Plan is making a solo record, you can bet your bottom dollar that Thrash Hits will be on it faster than the race to the front of the queue when someone tells us there’s a free bar somewhere in town.

Watch the video to ‘Parasitic Twins’ and tell us that Tuttle’s lead vocals on the chorus don’t give you the chills. Brrrr.

Watching The Dillinger Escape Plan play live over the last few years has been nothing short of a revelation. From those dual album launch shows at the London Barfly, their stage destroying set at Download 2010, their beyond-killer performance at Damnation 2010, to their near gig-stealing support slot to Mastodon in February this year, Dillinger have been peerless since 2010. Jeff Tuttle has been a vital part of why that is. Just look how we described him at that Brixton Academy show in support of Mastodon and tell us you won’t miss this man when you next witness The Dillinger Escape Plan live:

If the Anti-Christ walks the Earth, then truly he is Jeff Tuttle – to stare up into his face when he slid along the front of the stage, and witness the energy with which he skidded back to his mic stand to roar out his backing vox, bordered on the supernatural.

Yes. Oh yes.

We all know that Jeff Tuttle isn’t the first member of The Dillinger Escape Plan to leave the band. He’s not even the first guitarist to leave DEP. We’re all very aware that Ben Weinman is the only original member of the band left. But unlike Guns N’ Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, or any other number of bands which eventually boil down to just a single original member left, Dillinger have never become one man’s personal project. Sure, Weinman is inarguably the ringmaster to the DEP circus, but by no means is he the sole creative force behind it. As the band has absorbed new members, they’ve always absorbed new collaborators – no-one has ever just been “hired help” in DEP. That’s why the band has consistently created new and exciting music with each new release. That’s why we’re certain that whoever Weinman and co. hire to fill Jeff Tuttle’s mad-as-fuck shoes, it’s going to spur The Dillinger Escape Plan on to make even more incredible music. So yes – we might mourn Jeff Tuttle moving on from the band, but we’re still carrying on in giddy anticipation of what the future still holds for this most unique of bands.


The Dillinger Escape Plan are playing a few select shows across the US right now, but for the most part they are regrouping to work on writing and recording the follow-up to 2010’s incredible Option Paralysis. Jeff Tuttle is set to continue making music with Old Gods and his solo project, Malo Konjche, and has also stated that he will be studying film and film production in later this year. We can’t wait to hear new material from all of them.


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