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September 27th, 2012

Slipknot confirmed as third and final headliner for Download Festival 2013

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Download Festival have confirmed the identity of their third and final 2013 headliner: Slipknot. The eight-piece – arguably alongside Rammstein, being one of the “last” great festival headliner bands to emerge from metal – will make their first appearance at Donington Park since their 2009 headline spot, which of course has subsequently been packaged as their (sic)nesses DVD.

As with all festival line-up announcements, there’ll be plenty of people moaning about this, plenty of people praising it, and absolutely no point in us chiming in with our opinion because let’s face it, these are the kind of things that everyone has already made their minds up over whether they’re going to enjoy them or not. We’ll just leave you with a clip of Slipknot’s last Download Festival headline spot, and leave it at that.

At least announcing the headliners nine whole months in advance means we can get away from the whole festival-headliner-speculation-bullshit that bores us shitless. Right? RIGHT?!? Oh, there’s still Sonisphere still to come. Oh. OH.

Download Festival 2013 tickets aren’t quite on sale properly yet (well, the really expensive fancy VIP packages are, but you’re interested in actual tickets for real people, right?), but they are on pre-sale. How this differs from them being actually on-sale is one of those things which we’re sure makes only makes sense when the promoters are doing their accounts, but if you’re so inclined, you can book your pre-sale tickets here. When tickets are actually on sale, rather than this pre-sale malarky, you’ll be able to pick them up from the official Download Festival website for £160 and upwards, depending on fees, whether you want to camp, and whether you plan on parking at the festival.



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