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September 21st, 2012

Vice’s ‘On The Road’ series returns for season 3: Jesse Hughes and his Black Sabbath pilgrimage

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We’ve told you about Vice/Marshall’s On The Road series and why you need it in your life before – well, it’s back for a third series, and this time Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal is going back to the very roots of heavy metal and heading out on a pilgrimage to uncover the dirty roots of the band that arguably started it all: Black Sabbath.

Rather than insult your intelligence by re-writing the press blah-blah that Vice sent us and passing it off as our own work, here’s the synopsis of the new series in raw, unadulterated detail:

The series sees Jesse start his metal odyssey in LA by interviewing the legendary Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, before touching down in the UK and journeying through Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Tewksbury, Monmouth and Gravesend, to meet the bands, roadies, journalists, groupies, designers and super fans who were all there the first time around.

Jesse endeavors to deduce why it all started in the UK, and in particular in the Midlands? And what made it different from what had gone before and why it has continued to influence musicians all over the world ever since?

Sounds good to us.

Watch the trailer for Series 3 of ‘On The Road’ here:

The first episode from series 3 of On The Road is premiering tonight over at Rough Trade East, where Jesse Hughes will be on hand for a bit of Q&A and some other, top secret stuff. But if you’re not within spitting distance of East London and/or you’ve already got Friday night plans, the six-part series will start showing over on Vice’s website from next Thursday – 27 September 2012.



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